Wilby P.E. Department Finds Unique Ways to Keep Students Active

WATERBURY — The physical education department, like anyone else in education, has been dealt with many obstructions and modifications in a classroom setting. In an effort to combat this and keep students active, the P.E. department at Wilby High School has been bringing its students outside and integrating the importance of dynamic and static stretching activities and movements. The P.E. teachers are also including many students on fitness-based learning models, which focus on cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. Students are always separated more than six feet apart and have been getting not only a physical sweat but a mental sweat, as well. Teachers stress the importance of physical fitness, including cardio and weight strength.

“Just because we can’t use equipment, it does not mean students can’t learn and understand the importance of fitness,” said Mrs. Stroud, chair of the Wilby P.E. department.