School Poet Discusses Recent Shooting in Waterbury

Unofficial school poet laureate Jourdelyn Vargas wrote about a recent shooting in the city of Waterbury that claimed the life of a Kennedy High School 17-year-old. The following is her original poem.


Kennedy HS student Taevan Moshier died tragically in a gun shooting last week. Photo taken by Tiffany Miles-Wilson, a family friend

      spark  ! 


see I don’t know what it is . 

I seen a lot in the streets . 

I seen bullets and addicts 

without no hope just to breathe . 

I seen the homeless ask for change 

so that they can just eat . 

got no place freakennn stay 

so on the ground they would sleep . 

cause shelters too full to be , 

in places where they can’t see 

what they want and 

they need so they up to just leave.


but this is exactly how it is , 

and not just how it seems to seems . 

I don’t think you understand , 

until you at a murder scene . 

homicide someone got shot 

blood dripping , he was caught . 

man really shouldn’t have fought . 

cause this is not how he was taught 

to deal with the hardship 

that he was given in a loss . 

but 1 thing that I know for sure , is 


light gon really spark . 

when it’s real deep and dark . 


in my city of Waterbury at 12:23 . 

a young man died at the age of 17 

from a bullet and he didn’t 

even get to graduate at Kennedy . 


man I just don’t understand it . 

can’t take it , the world panics . 

so many things are just tragic 

with all of this gun violence . 

I wish that I could of known him 

but yet it still feels so damn dynamic 

cause I can feel the pain and 

it’s really all just traumatic . 

automatic how my folks are 

hurting and crying , 

and wishing

they could just see you . 

Tae – Rest In Peace . We’lall miss you 

all our prayer go up to you. 🕊


Note: This is about the shooting death of Taevan Moshier. This links to a story about his tragic death from NBC Connecticut.

Waterbury Public Schools officials released the following statement about the incident from last week:

The Waterbury Public Schools community has suffered a tremendous loss. Last night, a Kennedy High School student was tragically killed. We extend our deepest sympathies to the student’s family. A crisis team is in place to support students and staff as they grieve. Our school community, like the wonderful city we live in, will come together to do everything we can to provide support to our students, staff and families during this difficult time.