Q&A: Students Speak Out About Their Experiences Learning Online Rather Than In Person

Tell us in the comments section how you feel about learning remotely vs. in person.


The Wilby Emerald interviewed three students about their experiences with in-person learning versus online learning from their homes. Read their responses below and feel free to tell us in the comments section what you like best and why. 

Student: Aniyah Thomas

Question 1: What do you prefer online or in school learning? Why?

Answer: Aniyah said she prefers in-school because she feels like she is not as concentrated as she would be in school, she is getting more lazy as the days go by.

Question 2: Are you getting assigned more work online than in person? Do you think it would be easier in person?

Answer: Aniyah says she is getting assigned more work and they have too soon due dates, and yes it would be easier in person. “The teachers are not understanding we have 6 other classes and all their due dates are on the same days,” Aniyah said.


Student: Jomar Hernandez

Question 1: Do you like the online hours for school? If not, what would you change them to?

Answer: Jomar likes the online hours for school and how they’re controlling it, but if he had the choice to change the hours, he would do 6 hours one day then the next day no school so we have days off in between to get work done.

Question 2: Are you passing or failing and would it be different if you were in school?

Answer: Jomar is passing and it would be the same if he was attending school.


Student: Synciere Dozier

Question 1: Are you falling behind? Is it because it’s online or would it be the same if you were in person? 

Answer: Synciere says that he is not failing, but it is difficult online at times because the computer sometimes has connection issues or you don’t know how to work with it because we’re so used to everything on paper, and you would not go through any technical problems if we were in person, so it is not the same.

Question 2: Do you like interacting with friends online or in person? If so, why? And is it harder to communicate?

Answer: Synciere says he doesn’t like interacting with people online because he is not used to it so he would rather interact with a teacher and classmates in person. It is harder because you get to know more about a person in real life, he said.