Staff Profile: Social Worker Loves Helping Students

Staff Profile: Social Worker Loves Helping Students

There is no topic that is out-of-bounds for Wilby High School social worker, Miss Jessica Flematti.

Flematti, who retired after 20 years as a case worker for the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families, said she is comfortable talking with students about “anything and everything.” 

“I think I’m very open-minded,” she said. “I’m not judgmental.” 

Miss Flematti, 44, decided to work in a school two years ago after finishing her career with the state because she wanted to have a more direct impact on helping young people. At Wilby, she runs the Diversity Club, which, due to the situation we are in right now at school, is currently not running.

Miss Flematti, who has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in social work, said she initially wanted to be a physical therapist, but there was too much math and science involved, she said, so she went the social work route. She is glad she did.

For anyone who is struggling to figure out what they want to do with their life after high school, Miss Flematti’s story is an example that shows there’s no rush, and you might find something for you in the near future.

“I truly enjoy my job and helping my students,” she said. “It brings me a lot of happiness and gratification.”

She wants students to know that they can talk to her about anything (except their class arrangements; she cannot change those.) Students will have deep conversations with her or just go to her to chat. She is one of two social workers at Wilby whom students can meet with. The other is Miss Dawn Wilda, whose office is in guidance, just like Miss Flematti’s. 

Miss Flematti said the social workers respect students’ feelings and confidentiality. She also realizes there are a lot of stressful situations now due to the pandemic, so she wants students to know that the social workers are there for them.

I respect the student’s feelings and confidentiality,” she said. 

Stephanie Lipp-Perez, a former Wilby student, said: “She understands me more than anyone else and she’s the nicest person I know who’s a social worker.” 

If you want to contact Ms. Flematti for any guidance (because we can’t see each other in person) you can email her with any concerns at [email protected].