Movie Review: Baaghi

Sumreen Moughal , Staff Writer

During the past weekend, I watched the film Baaghi, which is Bollywood – a part of the Indian movie industry. Baaghi starrs Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor as the two lovers.

The movie is based around Ronny (Tiger Shroff), a rebel, who falls in love with Sia (Shraddha Kapoor). Raghav, the antagonist, falls in love with Sia as well and tries to forcefully win her over. Raghav and Sia’s father team up and make Ronny look terrible in Sia’s eyes, causing them to end their relationship, but Sia never falls for Raghav. Years later, Raghav kidnaps Sia in hopes that she’d willingly accept the marriage. Sia’s father sends Raghav to find Sia and bring her back. During the journey, Sia and Ronny learn about the intentions of Raghav and Sia’s dad and decide to continue their relationship.

Overall, this movie portrays a good, cheesy, and a classic love story. It also has brilliant songs, such as Sab Tera and Agar Tu Hota. In most Bollywood movies, the women are represented as inferior and weak. But, in Baaghi, both of the movie stars got to have action scenes in the film. Even though Ronny was sent to rescue Sia, she was able to defend herself when she was put in the position instead of relying on a man to fight for her each time. This movie is available to watch on Netflix and iTunes.