Wilby Dancers Say: Welcome to the “Royal Jungle”



By Isyss Autry

Wilby High School’s Dance Team, run by Ms.Jusino, is called ‘’The Royal Jungle.” The way they came up with the name is they were trying to find something that really resembles Wilby, but having the Wilby Dance Team would be too basic. The dancers are: Isyss Autry , Megan-Octavia Flumo, Carmen Mendez, Trae Pratt, Christy Martinez, Rakayla Spencer, Ledia Williams, Jynia Gibbs, Rahsan Levy,Nijhea Santiago and Emily 

Royal Jungle’s choreography is Hip-Hop and Reggae, but Ms.Jusino states that ‘’she would like them to broaden their horizons and dance to different genres.”

The way to get into the dance team is by showing the coach your best moves and the best song that really brings out your energy. The Royal Jungle practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

The way they come up with the dances is by all coming together and listening to different types of music they find acceptable.

Dancer Trae Pratt, a sophomore, says, “Because dance is a way for me to express my feelings , to get away from violence, I  found it as an outlet source.”

Royal Jungle’s performed on  Nov 22 – the day of the Wildcats Pep Rally.

The team members agreed that they were super excited to perform, but that it was nerve-racking to perform in front of most of the school.