Man Sentenced in Murder of Wilby Student

Friend recalls the beautiful life of Evy Santiago.

Man Sentenced in Murder of Wilby Student

Gizel Garland, Staff reporter

After almost a year, the man who killed one of our beloved students has finally been sentenced to prison.

Last week at Waterbury Superior Court, Dominique Pittman was sentenced to 35 years behind bars.

Most students who were here last year will remember that terrible day on Dec. 4, 2017, when Pittman took the beautiful life of 16-year-old Evalyce “Evy” Santiago, a Wilby sophomore.

Her death shocked the Wilby community, who remembered Evy as someone who shared smiles, laughter, love and even her fudge brownies with others. She had big dreams ahead of her – she wanted to become a lawyer to put criminals behind bars.

She loved her family to pieces and cherished the time spent with them. She loved baking cookies and watching movies with her friends and family members. Her two best friends – Alexus Serrano and Jazlyn Morales – were left heart broken and confused, along with family and friends. Myself, Gizel Garland, along with Zaela Flores, Kiara Munzo, Alexus, and Jazlyn – ran around school all day last year selling anything we could so that our friend would have a beautiful funeral. We raised nearly $1,000. Her family and friends want to let everyone know that we are very thankful and appreciate it because it was a huge help.

Last week was difficult for Evy’s family and friends, but we knew that we had to be in court for her. Five of her close friends, including myself, and family members sat in the courtroom as Pittman was sentenced. We were angry and emotional – hurt that we won’t have the chance to see our friend again. We felt like we were reliving the incident as the lawyers went back and forth trying to prove points. What infuriated us was when the judge gave Pittman a chance to say something. All he could say was he was “sorry; he didn’t mean to take her from us.”

They seemed like such empty words because they won’t do anyone any good. Sorry won’t heal everyone’s pain, nor will it bring her back.

We wont ever forgive him. He left a mom and dad without their daughter, sisters without their sister, aunts and uncles without their niece, grandparents without their granddaughter, and  friends without their friend.

He also left his girlfriend to raise his three kids on her own, but all of Evy’s friends have vowed to help her in any way we can. We all want to do everything in our power to stand tall and make Evy proud. We try to hold our heads as high as we can. We may cry, we may break down, but we got this, and we just want you to know we love you, Evy.