Romeo and Juliet in the ’80s a Stage Success

Mrs. LaBonte is organizing another play for later this year.


Sumreen Moughal

On the evening of December 14, 2018, and December 16, 2018, Stephanie Labonte and her drama classes presented their interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy written by Shakespeare, in 80’s style. This play took place in the auditorium of Wilby High School. Dinner was included on the 14th and lunch on the 15th, along with a variety of cake during the intermission.

The students that were a part of the play, along with Mrs. Labonte, spent lots of time and effort into making it worthy of watching. They stayed after school until 5, practicing and rehearsing, determined to do their absolute best. All of their hard work was reflected during the play through the acting of the characters.

Romeo was played by Julian Vazquez, Juliet was played by Anastasija LeBron, Benvolio was played by Amerie Maysonet-Perez, Mercutio was played  by Roma Rositani, Tybalt was played by Lyric Goodman, Paris was played by Jay Cogswell, Lord Montague was played by Linoshka Quinones-Cancel, Lady Montague was played by Jasmine Echevarria, Lord Capulet was played by Gabriel Martinez, Lady Capulet was played by Lauren Stewart, Friar Lawrence was played by Sofia Rositani, the Nurse was played India Encarnacion, and many more students were a part of the cast.

One major problem was the microphones that were used in the play. Many of the actors did not have a  mic of their own and they had to share with other actors. Two main characters, Benvolio and Friar Lawrence, had to share a mic, which caused disruptions in hearing them properly. More than half of the time, Benvolio was left without a mic and it was difficult to hear the actor, especially when sitting in the back.

Overall, though, the play was great, and I recommend everyone to attend and have a good time the next time Mrs. Labonte or any other teacher organizes a play. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and be entertained, but it’s even better when you are a part of the play. Mrs. LaBonte is presenting another play this year and auditions will be held soon.