Black History Month Celebration This Thursday

Gizel Garland, Reporter

Home economics teacher Ms. Watkins is introducing students to Black History month with what is guaranteed to be an engaging event this week.

At 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, Miss Watkins will host a Black History Month Celebration that will include Afro-centric dances performed by boys and girls. Ms. Watkins explained to The Emerald that these are dances that must be viewed in close connection with sub-Saharan African American music traditions and Bantu cultivation of rhythm. There will also be poems read aloud that are created by students about African American men and women. Join the show and the fun! The cost is $2. 

A personal note from the author:

Ms. Watkins works extremely hard to put together this event. She spends her own hard time and money trying get students engaged in activities, and students help her put together this celebration. Many students love and appreciate her like their own mother. Ms Watkins always pushes her students to work hard and encourages them to never give up on anything in or outside of school. For these reasons – and because it will be fun – I urge you to come and join us at this wonderful event. – Gizel Garland