Wilby Classes Celebrate Black History

Various Black History Month lessons were given in February.


Isyss Autry and Makhi Dendie

Black History Month is a time when many teachers take the opportunity to enhance their classes by incorporating unique and interesting lessons to engage students. And this year at Wilby High School was no exception.

Throughout the school, students had an opportunity to learn about the African Americans who have had a profound impact on our society. Some of the lessons that occurred throughout the school include:

  • In Ms. Valletta’s English classes, students worked on an “African American Trio” project, where they started with poetry analysis using Rita Dove and a film analysis in which they watched “Losing Isaiah.” The students also read a short story, “The Black Ball,” by Robert Ellison, and had to write a synthesis essay about the African American voice and culture.
  • In Ms. Santoro’s English classes, students researched and traced history of African-American musicians. They looked at various genres, prepared an essay and used the information to create a slideshow that they presented to class.
  • Students in Ms. Marabello’s History classes wrote storybooks about African-Americans who have influenced society in a positive way. Ms. Marabello said she hopes the storybooks will be shared with students at Bucks Hill Elementary School in the near future. “This is the first time I’ve done a storybook for Black History month,” Ms. Marabello said. “Typically I have them do a poster board or PowerPoint and I decided that everybody does that, and we’ve always done that, so I tried to come up with a different assignment.
  • Miss DiCristina in the Culinary Arts Department worked with her students to create traditional African American meals.
  • Miss Barbiero created a bulletin board on the third floor titled African-Americans of Renown in which she wrote about the accomplishments of African-Americans throughout history. The goal was to give students information quickly about some of the more interesting African-Americans in our history and hopefully pique their curiosity to research more about them.
  • Mr. Magda’s History classes created projects about famous events and people involved in the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Every day in the month of February, Mr. Mowen and his students included information about historic African-Americans in the morning announcements.
  • Ms. Watkins will hold a Black History Month celebration this Thursday. Learn more here.

Students in these classes seemed to enjoy the projects and learned a lot about African-American culture.

Click here to learn more about Black History Month from the History Channel.

Note to readers: We apologize if we inadvertently missed any Black History Month projects. It was not our intent to disclude anyone. If you believe there was an event we missed that should be featured, please email Emerald advisor Mr. Singley at [email protected].