Students to Perform ‘Game of Tiaras’

Students to Perform Game of Tiaras

Wilby High School students will present “Game of Tiaras,” a bloody, bloody tragic-comedy with apologies to Shakespeare, this week in the auditorium. An insecure king and his three foxy daughters argue over who will control the Magical Kingdom.

Shows are May 2 and 3 at 7 p.m. and May 4 at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through a cast member or Mrs. LaBonte, Drama Club teacher and the play’s organizer, in Room 315. Fifteen percent of all ticket sale proceeds will go toward Relay for Life, which benefits cancer patients and cancer research.

Cast List Game of Tiaras 2019

Stage Manager Carmen Mendez/Elias Ocasio
Assistant Stage Manager Alisha Peralta
Business Manager Megan Flumo
Props/Costume Design Nivea Humbert
Set Design Elias Ocasio
Music Design Vnasia Duncan
Narrator #1 Bria Kirklin
Narrator #2 Amerie Maysonet-Perez
Snow White Angelica Alicea- Tirado
Belle India Encarnacion
Cinderella Lyric Goodman
Ellie Roma Rositani
Little Mermaid Anastasija LeBron
King Julian Vazquez
Prince Charming Jayna Brown
Sméagol Gabriel Martinez
French Prince Jay Cogswell
Animated Snowman Angelica Alicea-Tirado
Executioner Jamir Smatt
Talking Candle Man Jamir Smatt
Blood Packet Girl Yasmin Diaz
Herald Danielle Harris
Dwarf #1 Linoshka Quinones- Cancel
Dwarf #2 Jayna Brown
Guard #1 Jamir Smatt
Guard #2 Amerie Maysonet-Perez
Guard #3 Javieliz Davila
Soldier #1 Vnasia Duncan
Soldier #2 Danielle Harris
Soldier #3 Lauren Stewart
French Soldier #1 Bria Kirklin
French Soldier #2 Carmen Mendez
French Soldier #3 Nivea Humbert
Jasmine #1 Ni’Jhea Santiago
Tiana #2 Ja’asia Stewart
Pocohontas #3 Jasmine Echevarria
Talking Teapot Lady Lauren Stewart
Peasant #1 Javieliz Davila
Peasant #2 Angelica Alicea- Tirado
Crowd Member #1 Megan Flumo
Crowd Member #2 Carmen Mendez
Girl (Younger Little Mermaid) Anastasija LeBron