Opinion: More Time Needed Between Classes


Nyjhair Hill , Reporter

WATERBURY- Being in school can sometimes be exhausting and a little too much for the most student in the class. You can get tired by doing any school work or any school activity. School is where you have a whole lot of things piled in your list of things to do exactly for a high school student. High school is where you try your best to get good grades and participate in the most school activities (sports or plays) as you can to go to the best college, the military or the workforce. However, I believe some students are not reaching their full potential because they are so worried about rushing in between periods that it disrupts their school day.

When the bell rings, we have to either transfer to class or the cafe, but when we don’t have enough time to do things that we need to do before class starts, we are not exactly ready for class.

I asked a current Wilby student(Natasha Velez)if she needs more time to get ready for class and she replied, “Yes. We need more time to go to our lockers to get everything we need and maybe use the bathroom.”

If we had more time in between classes, we wouldn’t have to disrupt the teacher by asking to go to the lav in between periods, she said.

Some students have lockers to put their stuff in because they don’t want to carry their things around the school all day. So we have to have enough time to actually get all of our stuff and get to class without being late. And after getting our stuff, we need to lock our lockers and actually get to class without getting behind a slow crowd. There are a bunch of students, hall monitors, and other adults in the not-so-wide hallways we have. So the hallways are always crowded with people, especially during the first and sixth periods. First is when everyone has to get to class and sixth is lunch.

Another reason why we need more time in between classes is when you have work that you need to do before you get the class period starts. Sometimes people might not be able to finish their homework at home for various reasons. So if students had extra time to finish, they might be able to get help from someone to finish it. Even after you get out your class and you have homework – but you want more time to do what you want to do at home – then you could do it during the break so you wouldn’t have to worry about finishing it or not bringing it to school. You could either give it to the teacher that same day or put it in your bookbag and not bring it out until you get to class the next day.

There are many reasons why one or two more minutes in between classes would benefit students, and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request to ask from the school district.