Officer Blocker Urges Students to Think Before Engaging in a Fight


Chastity Hilliard, Staff Writer

There have been fights that usually occur from time to time in which groups of students rush in to see the action.

It starts off with some shouting and yelling from the two students, who were possibly friends, which can be heard either in an empty hallway or near a full area which soon affects one or two students and it leads to a whole bunch of students rushing out of their classrooms just to see who was fighting whom.

In these situations, there are teachers, staff, and even hall monitors that pull the students apart from letting the fight continue and try to break up the largely formed crowd to send them back to where they came from.

There are a lot of good things happening in this school but a lot of people don’t see it. They’re mostly focused on drama and fights, said Gizel Garland.

The consequences of getting into a fight will or can be discipline, potential injury to one or the other, disruption and alarm for the surrounding people, affecting their stature and grades in the school building, and it creates risk for both parties.

Wilby School Resource Officer Blocker spoke to the Emerald about the situation. He said students need to think before getting into a fight.

He said people need to think about whether it is worth it or, “is it that serious?”

He said students should search for an alternative or resolution, and seek advice from someone who has their best interests at heart.

“One of the reasons of a fight starting is losing control of your emotions; no one wants to look bad in front of somebody and think they can avoid it without any trouble which is hard to explain on its own and to some people, fighting seems to be an easy resolution than any other resolution to an argument or problem,” Officer Blocker said. You can’t be afraid to try the right thing first.”