Grant Helps English Teacher Showcase Student Work


Gizel Garland, Staff Writer

This year, Mr. Pannoni was a winner of the Margaret M. Generali Grant. Using $1,200 in funds, he created the Wilby High School English minute, a YouTube channel where students discuss the novels and content they learned in class.This would not only help students understand what they were learning, but it also gives other students who may be reading the book the advantage to watch these videos and maybe pick up some information or understand better. Materials purchased were a camera, microphone, and recording equipment including a license for Final Cut Pro for editing. The English minute is produced by Senior Jaitly Martes and hosted by Brittany Arroyo. Other students also joined in to host a discussion panel and even play some of the games featured in the novel Ready Player One. Jaitly stated, “Mr. Pannoni needed someone to edit the English minute videos, and with my amazing-ness I stepped up and now I am the producer of this amazing show. I enjoyed the amazing people it brought me closer too and being able to create this amazing ness. It helped me with a lot of the work from other classes. I was chosen to do it because I knew a lot of information on the book.” Jaitly is a senior who will soon graduate with the class of 2019.

English Minute allowed the individuals involved to work together to create these videos, while doing this you could meet great people and bonds could grown benefiting each individual. Brittany Arroyo, host of the English minute show stated, “I became a host of the English minute show because Mr. Pannoni needed a talent so I offered to be it. I enjoyed working with everyone and it gave me more knowledge on how to edit. It also helped me pronounce bigger words better.” Brittany is also a senior who will also be graduating with the class of 2019.

“Go for it,” Brittany said. “Don’t be scared or nervous to be recorded or to try something new.”

English minute provides a variety of information to the viewers and allows children who are being recorded to not only find themselves, but bring out their self confidence. Not many children like to be recorded or to speak out in front of others, but practicing this is high school can make it s little easier in college.

I, personally, was always an individual who helped with the English minute videos. I enjoyed doing this because it was something new and different. I never enjoyed reading or being recorded but I stepped out of my shell and took on the challenge, and I’m glad that I did. This caused me to be more open and not to be so antisocial. I also learned new things from others by seeing their points of view on things. Overall, I do think Mr. Pannoni is very helpful to many children who attend Wilby High School and does a great job at what he does.

You can view the English Minute, and Mr. Pannoni’s other videos, by going to his YouTube channel at