‘Gamers’ Love After School Club


Gizel Garland, Staff Writer

Here at Wilby High School, students are able to work on many different subjects, leading you to be able to find out what interest you and what you may want to do in order to build and create your future. The Wilby Video Game club brings video game education to the school.

Through grants that Mr. Pannoni has won, the club has several pieces of professional equipment such as televisions, capture cards, headphones for editing, microphones for commentary, and a live camera. The club also uses Final Cut Pro to edit the videos and YouTube to publish them. Mr. Pannoni has also shown the students how to make a gaming system out of a Raspberry Pi and has taught a few other gaming tips and tricks.

The idea for the club started when Kenneth Vega, club president, approached Mr. Pannoni with the idea to create reviews and podcasts related to gaming. Vega said, “I created the club so students can have a chance to play games that they can’t at home. It also gives kids the chance to create a team and friendship.’’

Over the last two years, the club has grown into a full community, with teachers such as Ms. Franks and Mr. Singley even showing up to play some games. The club meets on Thursdays after school.

Kenneth wanted to start this club sooner. He stated, “I wanted to start it my freshmen year but had no teacher to help until the next year, which was Mr. Pannoni. He would teach my friend after school, and he loved gaming, so I thought he could help.”

The club is something that Kenneth enjoys, as do many others. It is something interesting that can keep kids after school and out of trouble. Vega said, “I am proud of the club. Kids come up to me constantly asking to join the club or ask when it is going to begin. I was annoyed for a week when the club first started!”

Vega may have been annoyed when he began to get questioned, but the support is what helped create the club.  He is now a senior in high school and will soon be a graduate of 2019. He stated, “one message I have is don’t get mad it’s a game and to take care of other peoples belongings.”

The video game club is a different but neat club. You don’t see them quite often especially at a school. This can catch individual attention and it is better to be part of a school community rather than being home doing nothing or getting into situations that you don’t want to be a part of. Any club as the advantage of attempting to catch children’s attention when developing creative clubs like this one for example. That is something we can all be thankful for. Clubs allow your child to not only play videos games but also allows them to meet new people and try different challenges. Allowing your child’s mind set to expand and maybe cause them to occasionally want to try different activities and want to interact with others.

Mr. Pannoni’s club videos can be seen on his YouTube channel at https://tinyurl.com/y57vd476