Student Poetry: “Experiences!”

Jourdelyn Vargas, “Jaysoul!” , Contributor

Note: The following poem was submitted by a student to the Emerald. Anyone who wants to submit any work to the Emerald should see Mr. Singley in Room 311.


My flaws, insecurities, faults and worries…

Are some of the biggest things that have a huge impact on me. 

I’m young; I’ve gotten exposed to things that hold fear in me. 

The fear kills me ‘cause it’s my own anxiety. 

I’ve learned that in life you have to take independence as a moral of your own maturity,

And if you want to be successful in life, you’ll have to…

Build through everything that breaks you,

Love through everything that hates you, and

Be open-minded in things you do not want to be new to…

Because your life is what you make out of it, 

and the only person in the way of your dreams is you!

So don’t let your fear get in the way of anything you want to accomplish in life, 

Regardless of the price of the mind you have upon your success because time is just a continuous existence of your own process…

Not just your past, not just your present, but your future, too. 

So make it something precious! 

Like the dinosaurs when they were walking on Earth in existence.

Like the paintings you see in museums of just pure beauty. 

Like happiness when it spreads ‘cause it’s something that’s contagious,

Rather than hate…’cause that’s just a virus!

                                                    — Jourdelyn Vargas, “Jaysoul!”