Class President Candidate Profile: Ashlairy Lora


Ashlairy Lora
Age: 17
4 years at Wilby

After I graduate high school I plan on attending college and getting an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I am also a freelance model for now, and will continue to work in the fashion industry.

[email protected]

If elected I plan on bringing major change to Wilby. I would like to bring back school spirit and diversity in our atmosphere. That includes Spirit week, more Pep rally’s, school gear Friday’s, field trips (where students decide where to go) and workshops for Juniors and Seniors who don’t know what to do after high school where we can guide them in the right direction to what they should do.

I am running for President because I want to serve the Senior classes and future graduates.

What makes me the most qualified candidate is my understanding of how much change our school needs. I am for the people and WILL make change happen. My ambition will make sure of that. Your school should be led by someone who understands you and has your best interest at heart as a student and a teenager.

The most pressuring issues at our school is how much students get suspended and don’t attend school. We need to give them a reason to go to school by changing the environment, to a much more positive one and let them know that we believe in them and they should have fun whilst working for their diploma and futures. Everyone deserves a chance and so does Wilby again to earn privileges that were stripped from us.

I would like the students to know that Senior class president isn’t just for the fun. I want everyone to feel like they love where they go to school at. That includes your studies and extracurriculars. Please, for the sake of yourself and others, choose someone who cares about you and your high school experience.

You should vote for me because I am just like you. I am open to everyone’s opinion and will fill your desires. I want everyone to know that their voice matters here and will be heard. You wanted change, let’s make changes.