Class President Candidate Profile: Nyla Brenes


Name: Nyla Brenes
My plan and goals after high school are to attain the realistic image as most other students visualize which would be forwarding/furthering my education on the intentions to attend college as a start.
Email: [email protected]

If I were elected as Senior Class President, my plans on improving the school would be to: 

  • Advise programs that further educate students/teachers or even some school board members of assisting mentally/emotionally, socially, and academically. Yes, I am aware of the difficulties that may occur, but in perspective the process would be worthwhile. 
  • Organize meetings in which the student council/MCJROTC would (the choice of the teachers on what responsibilities the students will be able to help) assist in the organization of sorting files or grading, and keeping the school updated. 
  • Authorize effective school spirit as this would have an exemplification towards the incorporation of positivity in leadership roles. Meaning by participating in school events, clubs, attending sports, helping out fellow students (in an appropriate educational matter), positively representing the school by being respectful all within having a positive attitude in which shows school spirit. 
  • Figure out what exactly the school needs in occasion to coordinate to hosting a fundraising to regulate the expenses of the school. Likewise, events, clubs, associations and so on. 

My main reason on why I am running for Student Council President is to continue to make a positive contribution towards the students and the environment of Wilby High school, but with a better knowledge at the best of my potential. I’m not running because the title or the attention or power it may give. I am running because I care and want to actually make a difference within our beloved school. 

I’ve taken part in clubs, after school activities and sports such as: Track & Field, D.E.C.A, MJROTC.  I also work as a lifeguard — with that being said I have built up my confidence within these clubs because they are associated with the value roles in leadership, social skills, and most importantly confidence. I take part in these activities because I want to gain knowledge of giving back to my school, I know that being part of student council is focusing on the future that we allow to continue. 

I think the most pressing issues facing the school in which need to be addressed is the topic on  budget cuts that practically mainly affect the students of my school.